Well people – this had been a simple “new page” with all the defaults – but you guys have started using this as a guest book.  So – guest book it is!



21 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Mark Arnold Says:

    Wow ur son is EXACTLY like his dad. Hope u r having a great trip so far…it looks like it. I’ll be looking for comments aling the journey.

  2. sadie Says:

    liked looking at the photos… Hope that yall are having fun..

    keep the photos coming

  3. sadie Says:

    Wow ,what big trees! Beautiful!
    this is cool!!!!
    got the e-mail!

  4. sadie Says:

    That was a curvey st. I bet that is some
    driving you are doing!!!!Is that what was
    next? I figured you were going to eat.

  5. sam Says:

    Jason/Daniel, Do you know where a fellow could get a CHEAP FIREBIRD Freedom ???

    1. Jason Says:

      oh yes i do. But after what you saw with me and daniel – you dont really want a firebird freedom do you?

  6. sadie Says:

    Looks like Mom and Daniel are getting rested
    up so they will be alert when you get to Vegas. (cute photo,Jason)
    Glad your trip is going well. sdp

  7. sadie Says:

    I bet the GPS is a big help. Are your riders awake ? Don’t let them miss anything
    worth seeing(course that last photo looked a lot like Okla. so they wouldn’t mind missing that ).sdp

  8. sadie Says:

    ok ,I give up for now.
    Sharon, did you miss anything on the drive
    today? Jason will have to catch you and Daniel up. Know the rest did you a world of

  9. Mom Says:

    This is awesome! It looks like u guys r having a great time! Can you bring home one of those redwoods? 🙂

  10. sadie Says:

    Bet you were up late last night.
    That was one big gator,Daniel.
    You know, you are making us all jealous!!
    BUT so glad you are having a good time as
    well as making memories !
    Stay safe and look forward to hearing from y
    y’all soon. sadie

  11. sadie Says:

    Thought about you while last night while you were at the BMG concert . What an
    experience! Sounded like fun!!
    So, You got busted!!!Y’all have really been on quiet an adventure! Hey to all!!!! sadie

  12. sadie Says:

    Hey, you guys! The last photos “were” really
    fancy! Can’t imagine anything so beautiful!!
    Since haven’t heard from you lately, I figure you are trying to cram in a lot today. Thinking of you and know you are
    having a great time. Sadie

  13. sadie Says:

    Wow, what a drive that must have been!
    I bet y’all didn’t expect snow.
    That “was” kinda freaky ! and I was glad to see the last photo where you said “Tadaa” . Y’all have had quiet a day . Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Sadie

  14. sadie Says:

    Beautiful sunset !
    (or maybe I should say Goodmorning since
    that is when you will probably see this).

  15. sadie Says:

    Have been wondering where you are.
    Glad to see you are on your way back and
    know you will be glad to have a few days before you all get back on schedule. Now,
    on to other fun things before Monday.
    Hi,to “da baby”. (That was a cute picture).
    Daniel, better get used to your new nick name. (you can handle it (just remember you were in first class when you were 1st called that ). Sadie

  16. Jason Says:

    We are in Phoenix now using free wifi and charging up all our toys for the ride back to charlotte. should be home around 10:30 we’re thinking.

  17. sadie Says:

    Yes, that was an expensive photo but
    what a sweet photo !! It would have
    been a shame to miss that kodak moment!!
    Looks like y’all had a great trip but I
    feel sure you will be glad to be in your own beds tonight. Wow, what an adventure
    you have had !!! Sadie

  18. sadie Says:

    Cute pictures ! Now, those were some Kodak moments you surely couldn’t miss. Glad to see that picture of
    Daniel and his cell phone.
    Thanks again for sharing your trip.

  19. sadie Says:

    Glad to see y’all are having fun.
    Starting back to school hasn’t slowed
    you up. Looks neat!!! Sadie

  20. Horace Says:

    You gotta be weird to do this stuff….

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