Flying Electric in York County SC is my attempt at combining two things i know very little about into a personal and professional development experience: Remote Control airplanes (specifically those of the electric variety) and blogging.

Jason and Daniel are a father and son team that reside in Rock Hill SC.  We recently joined up with a local AMA chapter: the York County Flyers and have met some really nice folks there willing to help us as we embark on this new experience of RC aircraft.

Daniel and I have gone from zero to flying in about 45 days here.  Our primary interest lie in electric “park flyer” scale aircraft, but we’ve discovered that there is a whole lot of fun to be had with the micro scale flyers also.  You are sure to see some stuff here about that as well.

The types of things I think might end up here include a basic quick start guide to RC flight the right way, information and build recipes on the projects Daniel and I embark on, and other information related to Daniel and my progress in this endevor.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. sadie Says:

    Hey guys! good seeing your trip as it unfolds. Can tell you are having fun.
    will see if this works! sdp&jrp

  2. Larry M Says:

    need a link to on the favorites list!

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