Ok – new topic time – FPV.

Bob and I took and passed our FCC Technician exam. We are “legal” to transmit FPV video from a plane now!

Bob and I are doing this journey together. We have an airframe – the Skywalker.

Now its on to transmitter receiver and camera. Bob and I think we want to use the 33 cm band (902 to 928 Mhz). The reason why we are leaning towards this frequency is that it’s not anywhere near 2.4 – it’s not an even fraction or a multiple of 2.4 (we’ve heard that this might matter). The down side is that all the commercially available equipment in this space essentially operate at the same frequency, which means that only one of us can fly at the same time.

This gear is getting to the point where one of us could just purchase something say in the 1.2 range for the occasional dual flight goofing around.