I have started construction of my first ever wing out of fff. FFF stands for Fan Fold Form. I learned that fff comes in these huge sheets maybe 40 feet long or longer and they are FOLDED into blocks. You have to buy the whole block of foam.
I didn’t pay real close attention as I was building. There is a fff spar inside to help form the airfoil. Its suppose to be 3/8″ think at the middle (wing root I think the ‘sperts call it) and its suppose to taper down to 1/4″ at the wing tip. Well…I missed the part about how it tapers. So I’ve got the pretty wing all nice and taped and glued – I’m really quite happy with how it came together. Except for the part about how its wrong and probably wont fly worth a darn.
I’ve decided to start over from scratch. That’s ok though because I have a bunch of foam.