August 2009

We are designing a new tee shirt for the newly formed YCF: Electric Combat Service.  What do you think?

Option 1

Option 2


Its called cuz when you crash a nitro plane it costs a lot more…
The pilot was able to recover all the important parts (receiver battery all but 1 servo) and a preliminary inspection of the motor suggests its unscathed.
So that means this unreplaceable model (it’s not made anymore) would only have cost 250 bucks plus time to get back in the air.
Not it…

The reason why its a bit of a decision to start over is because buried inside the win is 3 pieces of carbon fiber I glued in. Since I was reminded that foam safe super glue is extremely expensive (its like 25 bucks for a 3oz bottle) I think when I redo this I will use 5 min epoxy. That’s a lot more economical that the foam safe ca for sure…
I wonder how hard it will be to rip out the CF?

I have started construction of my first ever wing out of fff. FFF stands for Fan Fold Form. I learned that fff comes in these huge sheets maybe 40 feet long or longer and they are FOLDED into blocks. You have to buy the whole block of foam.
I didn’t pay real close attention as I was building. There is a fff spar inside to help form the airfoil. Its suppose to be 3/8″ think at the middle (wing root I think the ‘sperts call it) and its suppose to taper down to 1/4″ at the wing tip. Well…I missed the part about how it tapers. So I’ve got the pretty wing all nice and taped and glued – I’m really quite happy with how it came together. Except for the part about how its wrong and probably wont fly worth a darn.
I’ve decided to start over from scratch. That’s ok though because I have a bunch of foam.

(Sunday august 2) It was either a tip stall or pilot error – either way I crunched and need to replace the fuse.