June 2009

Daniel and I are practicing air combat. We got tangled up. I cut wires and my motor mount came unglued. Fun stuff!


Lots of spektrum equipment here…

I got a new sony video camcorder – it does hidef video at 1080i – here daniel and I strap it on the slow stick for our first testing…

The sam build is complete! Here sam is checking the cg before his flight.

Here’s the other side. The control horns are screwed in to a piece of 1/16 ply that is simply CAed on top. -jj

The tail assembly is done. in addition to the beefy rudder reinforcements I also prefer aftermarket control horns. These are crazy way more than will ever be needed by the slow stick – better safe than sorry…
Yeah… There are4 screws holding the rudder to the fuse. Mostly its because I didn’t like what was left of the screws I had on hand after going thru the rudder foam and 2 pieces of 1/16th ply. There also a piece of bass wood in the tail section to help with all the screws installed back here.

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