I’m working with a family friend to get him all rigged up on the Bob Russell slow stick build+ plan.  There will be more information on that later.  

As part of getting a beginner beginning in the electric RC flight world, you should seriously consider a flight simulator.  For years I wondered why in the world someone would pay money to buy a video game to pretend they were standing outside playing with a toy.  Then I started flying planes that I had spent what for me was considerable time building. Not to mention the hard earned money I’d spend on cheap hong kong electric motors and batteries (ha)  – so then I understood.

I don’t know any better – my mentor Bob had RealFlight G3.5.  The very first night my mentor Bob had me and Daniel over to his house for our Slow Stick Build orientation – Daniel played on the sim non stop for the 3 hours we were there.  He was hooked.

RealFlight is what my local hobby store sells.  G3.5 is the least expensive version available today.   And at least with Real Flight it seems to be one of these products that falls into the category of essentially the same price no matter where you try to get it from (not counting used from ebay).  So that’s what I did when I got started was buy Real Flight G3.5 from my local hobby store.  And that’s what I recommended to my family friend for whom I am building a slow stick for.

One thing though is that RealFlight G3.5 does not come with a Slow Stick.  So i wanted to take a moment to document where to go fetch a downloadable model from and document that for my family friend and anyone else that might want to get started with the Slow Stick in Real Flight G3.5. 

Couple of pointers before I just give up the link:

  1. The location for the user swap community is http://knifeedge.com/forums/downloads.php.  Here you will find Categories for Realflight G3.5, G4, and G4.5.  
  2. Later versions of Real Flight are apparently backwards compatible with models built for earlier versions of Real Flight.  Models built for G3.5 will run on Real Flight G4 and G4.5 no problem.
  3. Big Time Tip – When searching / browsing for things to download – you need to understand the download naming scheme.  Daniel had to explain most of it to me and with a little googling around at rcgroups i got the rest of the info:

Descriptions Ending in:

  • EA – Entire Aircraft: These are complete models that when imported will be usable by the simulator.  If you are running G3.5, don’t try to download models built for G4 or G4.5 cause that wont work.
  • CS – Color Scheme: A color scheme lays on top of an EA.  If you try to install CS files without the EA in place you’ll get lots of warnings and other unexpected behavior
  • AV – Aircraft Variant: These also lie on top of the EA files – and without the proper underlying EA file won’t do what you expect.

For weeks Daniel and I would download different files no paying attention to if they were EA or CS or AV files – and were confused at what seemed like inconsistent usefulness of the models.  Daniel finally one day decoded the mystery – so I feel compelled to share.

So go root around in there and see what you like.  For now lets get started on the Slow Stick EA.

1. Download the Slow Stick EA from the knifeedge swaps pages by clicking here

2. Notice how the file name gws slo-stick EA ends with EA – this is the Entire Aircraft.  Click DOWNLOAD (upper right corner)

Note: Assuming you are running a stock IE browser – save the file somewhere where you can get to it.  I put all my swap files into a special realflight downloads directory under My Documents – if this is the first time you’ll do this

a. Click on SAVE

b. on the left side click on MY DOCUMENTS

c. on the top bar of the Save As window i locate and click on the New Folder icon

d. I’ll type in my new folder name called RealFlight Downloads and press enter

e. I’ll doubleclick on that folder i just created

f. I’ll click the SAVE button to save the file gws_slo-stick_EA.zip


Now lets import the slow stick into Real Flight..

3. Inside RealFlight – click on Simulation -> Import -> G3X… 

4. Locate the .zip file you just downloaded by double clicking on the RealFlight Downloads directory then the gws_slo-stick_EA.zip file/  You should see a message in the lower right screen that says “The Aircraft in gws_slo-stick_EA.zip was successfully imported”

5. Next –  click on Aircraft -> Select Aircraft…, scroll up to the top where it says Custom Aircraft, and select gws_slo-stick 

6. You’ll see a note saying “creating DDS” – this is a one time note… then click OK

And you are done!

Later we will talk about how to modify this model to be a 3s slow stick.