April 2009

Daniels vapor however did not fair so well. Would you believe that this was still very flyable even with half of a horizontal stabilizer? It did – daniel claims it flew pretty much the same except for a lacking in lift. That lift problem could be because of his battered and torn main wing however. I’ll try to fix this sometime. But the horizontal stab can be bought as a unit for less than 10 bucks as I recall.


Tonight daniel and I had a little vapor on vapor combat. We both took damage – but I came out better than daniel did. Here is where daniels prop sliced thru my wing.
A very simple tape fix is all that’s required here. This vapor flew fine even with the tear.

6 (can you count them?) contrails visable from the ork County Flyers field
6 (can you count them?) contrails visable from the York County Flyers field

Daniel and I went to the field Friday for some flying.  At dusk you could see a bunch of contrails.  Pretty neat. -jj

Been culling through the 1800 or so images.  I took a great many panaromic shots which required a lot of work stitching together.  Autostitch is a great tool.

For the panaromic images check out the Spring Break 2009 Panaromic Pictures gallery.

For the 200 or so “other” images – check ou the Spring Break 2009 Pictures.


Lost the plane then found it way past the tree line. I suspect its the 2800 mah battery (weight) but only guessing. Busted prop is the only apparent damage.

Daniel and I are gonna get some flying in.

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