On Saturday the York County Flyers had our spring Fun Flyin.  AMA members with all kinds of equipment were invited to come out and fly.  A great variety of raffle items were awarded thanks to our sponsors from the Hobby Stop and Lake Wylie Hobby, plus special recognition for the Best Military, Best Bi-Plane, Best Sport, and Peoples Choice we awarded.

Some of the images captured are on display in the following albums:

Flight Line – Individual pictures of pretty much all of the equipment that was out flying

Event Pictures – General pictures of various elements of the event

Panoramic Pictures – Special Panoramic pictures which is a combination of many pictures “stitched” together using autostitch.

Dave Good and his P47 – Winner of the Peoples Choice and Best Military, Dave Good’s outstanding craftsmanship and piloting skills were on display as Dave had a little trouble with his award winning P47 when he lost a wheel on takeoff of this birds first flight of the day.  25 minutes later he’s was able to get the P47 back in the air – these pictures tell the amazing story.