Guess what we learned – you can drive a long way on a rim that looks like it shouldn’t hold air.
We picked up the rental car sunday in san francisco. We drove it up the hills to Muir Woods. That’s a very curvey ride that’s about 30 minutes one way at interstate speeds at times.
When we left for our trip to Vegas on Monday we noticed on the passengers side that the rim had a big dent in it.
Sometimes just for fun I like to ask questions when I already know the answers. Like in this case – when the valet pulled around and I said “hey – what’s this?!?” I knew he wouldn’t really have an answer. (No – I didn’t seriously believe they had dented it – I was realizing that the mostly likely scenario was that we’d simply overlooked it the previous day on check out – and the realization was sinking in that while we were facing a long journey to vegas, I also knew that we had already driven what I felt to be pretty aggressively to Muir Woods without incident. As I was collecting the facts and thoughts I pretty quickly concluded this wasn’t a problem.)
But just for fun – I asked the valet: “well, I wonder if this is going to be ok for our drive to vegas?”
“Oh – sure – no problemo sir”
I actually said out loud right before I tipped him “I didn’t expect any different answer!”
We drove that rim from san francisco to muir woods to san francisco to vegas to the grand canyon back to vegas. I’m not sure exactly how many miles all that is, but its a bunch.