In san francisco the double decker bus turned out to be one of the best events / trips. The particular outfit we stumbled upon was different than the other operators we saw in that they had new equipment and a live tour director. It was a modest $25 per adult one day and $20 per child one day. Other operators either had real shabby looking coaches, or a computer voice announcing the stops.

This was a great way to see a large part of the tourist areas for cheap. Its an on/off sort of thing too – they run from about 0930 to about 1630 and have multiple busses. They have 1 day and 2 day passes. When we go back we will do this again.  And the coolest part was the open top experience over the Golden gate Bridge.
If we knew then what we know now we would have done the 2 day pass for sure.
While Coit Tower was fun and a “must see”, it still haunts us as one of the lessor fun parts of the trip. We humped our backsides there on foot from Fishermans Wharf. It’s the same distance to walk from our hotel to pier 39 (to get on the boat to alcratraz) as it is to coit tower. But its a very different physical investment.
Alcatraz was “ok”. We were not blown away, but we got that “notch on the gun stock”. We won’t ever need to do that again. Ever.

We could have spent more time in China Town and at any of the museums – but time did not permit.

Daniel says that we should have spent way more time at the Musee Mecanique.  This was a pretty neat place with old timey arcade games and antique coin operated music machines.