April 2009

Ever wondered what the innards of a firebird freedom look like? Check this out…
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On Saturday the York County Flyers had our spring Fun Flyin.  AMA members with all kinds of equipment were invited to come out and fly.  A great variety of raffle items were awarded thanks to our sponsors from the Hobby Stop and Lake Wylie Hobby, plus special recognition for the Best Military, Best Bi-Plane, Best Sport, and Peoples Choice we awarded.

Some of the images captured are on display in the following albums:

Flight Line – Individual pictures of pretty much all of the equipment that was out flying

Event Pictures – General pictures of various elements of the event

Panoramic Pictures – Special Panoramic pictures which is a combination of many pictures “stitched” together using autostitch.

Dave Good and his P47 – Winner of the Peoples Choice and Best Military, Dave Good’s outstanding craftsmanship and piloting skills were on display as Dave had a little trouble with his award winning P47 when he lost a wheel on takeoff of this birds first flight of the day.  25 minutes later he’s was able to get the P47 back in the air – these pictures tell the amazing story.


All the windows are opened up on the club house as the guys have spiffyed everything up for the spring fly in tomorrow.

30 minutes with thread, super glue, accelerator spray, and tee tiny carbon fiber and we are back in business.

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